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For over 40 years, traders have been performing operations to buy and sell currency in the Forex market. It is one of the most liquid financial markets in the world – by 2019 the daily market turnover was 6.6 trillion dollars. Forex allows you to trade in currency, precious metals, etc., making speculative or long-term transactions. In order for an individual to have access to the market, you need a broker, who is, in fact, an intermediary between buyers and sellers, he also provides access to the trading platform.

Today there are many companies offering access to Forex. It is important to choose from them the one that meets the criteria of reliability and comfort of work by a particular trader.

Consider one of the brokers, the company Weltrade. Weltrade exists in the market since 2006, has a license and official representations in nine countries.

Weltrade : spreads and commissions

Weltrade earns by widening the spread, i.e. by increasing the difference between buying and selling trading instruments. Spread is floating, depending on the instrument and starts at 0.5 points. On accounts for trading in crypt currency there is a 0.5% commission for opening a deal.

In swaps, i.e. rollover of a position to the next trading day, the broker also includes his commission. The value of swaps fluctuates and depends on the instruments and can be up to 23.9 pips.

What can you trade with Weltrade?

Weltrade allows you to trade currencies, gold, silver, platinum, oil and cryptov currencies.

To trade crypto instruments you will need a separate account, which can only be opened in USD. There are 15 crypt currency pairs available in total.

In addition to crypt currencies, 47 currency pairs, 4 metal pairs and 2 oil pairs are available in Weltrade.

Global experience with Weltrade

Available platforms and applications

The company allows working on MetaTrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms. Trading is possible either through an application on a computer, tablet or smartphone, or without installing special software through a web version. The application is available for Windows, IOS and Android.

Performance of trades

Weltrade offers five account types for beginners and professional market participants. Accounts can be opened in EUR or USD. Some accounts have limitations on currency selection.

The minimum possible deposit to start trading is 25 USD. The minimum trade is 0.01 lots, the maximum is 1000.

Withdrawal of funds from the account is carried out twenty-four hours a day, within half an hour.

Customer support

The company has developed a customer support system. It has been working around the clock and has been in operation since 2007. It is possible to send a request for support in three ways: by e-mail, by phone or via online chat on the site.

The company periodically conducts training for its clients. Courses and seminars are available online on the website and on the YouTube channel of the broker.

What do I need to do to open an account with Weltrade?

To start trading, you need to open an account in Weltrade. You can do it online, on the broker’s website. Before opening an account it is necessary to register and confirm your phone number. After registration, the password to log in to the online trading cabinet will come to your e-mail.

Immediately after login, you can open an account. To do this: choose the account type, platform, currency and leverage. Demo account is also available for beginners, where you can practice before starting real trading.

You can replenish your account with a card or electronic money.

Available bonuses

For additional motivation of clients in Weltrade it is possible to deposit without commission, 100% credit bonuses are provided for deposits from 200 USD/EUR. The credit bonus can be used to increase the transaction volume.

From time to time contests are organized for traders. For example, a contest for demo account holders, the winners of which are determined based on the largest account balance. Or the opportunity to get Iphone 11 for a deposit of 2 500 USD and a transaction volume of 250 lots.

In addition, Weltrade offers participation in the Partner Program. You can earn up to 95% of the spread for transactions of new clients.


Weltrade is a Forex broker that deserves attention. The company has a fairly detailed website with a description of the main points of interest to the trader. It is presented in social networks, where it shares daily news of the currency market. There are a lot of explanatory videos on YouTube channel Weltrade, both for beginners and experienced traders. The company periodically arranges stimulating actions for its clients, which is also a pleasant addition to cooperation.

The technical support system is well established: in the online chat an employee answers quickly and explains the necessary points in detail. No commission is charged for depositing. Besides currency, you can trade in cryptov currencies, metals and oil. However, the lack of an opportunity to open an account in rubles may stop some Russian citizens from starting cooperation with the company.