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StormGain is a simple and reliable trading platform for trading digital currencies. It was opened not so long ago, but even in a short period of time the platform has gained the trust of many users.

What are the spreads and commissions?

Spread is a charge levied by the site on users. It represents the difference between the lowest price of demand and the highest price of supply. If the spread is high, then traders get less return on transactions. This is why many tend to choose platforms with low fees.

StormGain is a broker with almost zero spread. The commission is so minimal that it does not show up on users’ profits in any way. Advantages of accounts with zero spread and small commissions:

  • no spread extension;
  • profitable trading
  • transparent commission fees;
  • the possibility of opening different positions at one price.

Swap commission on BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, LTCUSDT, XRPUSDT, BCHUSDT is 0.04% for buying and 0.004% for selling currencies. The average trading commission ranges from 0.15 to 0.25%.

What can you trade with StormGain?

A registered trader can trade with 23 types of cryptocurrencies offered by the broker. Among the most popular:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ripple;
  • Litecoin.

The detailed list of currencies is presented on the site.

The right side of the main page of the site provides information about the status of the user’s wallet. In the center of the page there is a chart of the selected cryptovoltaic currency, with which the trading operation is planned. Under the chart you can see information about open transactions.

A trader does not need to spend much time searching for interesting assets. The platform immediately provides a list of popular crypt-currency pairs, with which one can make transactions.

Global experience of trading with Stormgain

The first impression of a cryptobroker is positive. The official website is a comfortable virtual space for conducting trade deals. The developers have tried their best:

  • design,
  • interface;
  • navigation.

The advantage of the site is the ability to switch to another language, making it available for international use. In terms of functionality, the platform is a symbiosis of an electronic wallet and an automatic trading machine on the exchange.

The disadvantage of a broker is the lack of training for new users. However, demo accounts are available for them to avoid high risks during the first steps at the exchange.

Available platforms and applications

The functionality of the trading platform becomes available only after user registration. The platform includes several blocks:

  1. Filters for trade pairs located at the top.
  2. Trading pairs available in the category selected by the trader. They are located in the left part.
  3. Graph with the dynamics of the trading pair selected by the user. You can find it in the central part of the main page. The chart shows the statistics for a certain period of time.
  4. Open trades and moods of other traders. The information is presented at the bottom of the page.

On the right side of the screen there is information about the trader’s trading balance.

StormGain platform is suitable for experienced traders as well as for beginners. The peculiarity of the broker is that it allows to trade only with the crypt currency, not providing the opportunity to make deals on fiat currencies.

The project has a mobile version and its own application available for owners of iOS and Android devices. The program can be downloaded for free. Installation does not require much time. The main convenience of the software is the ability to make quick deals with the selected currency pair.

One more advantage of cryptober is the translation of the site into more than 12 languages. This attracts users from all over the world.

Making transactions

The company has several services for making transactions:

  1. Crypt currency exchange. Suitable for operations with tokens, coins. Commission is 0.08% per turnover.
  2. Trading. In this case the user will have to invest in order to start trading. The minimum deposit is $50. The deal starts from 10 USDT.
  3. Wallet. Allows you to store the earned funds.

The last service provides cold and safe storage of funds.

Customer support

It works 24 hours a day. You can contact the service provider with help:

  • mobile phone;
  • Email
  • online chat.

Chat is available both from the mobile application and from the desktop version of the official website. The duration of waiting for reply does not exceed 5 minutes.

What to do to open an account with Stormgain

To start trading, a potential client of the broker will need to register and be verified. The latter involves proof of identity by providing a passport to an employee of the portal. This can be done by means of a video call or by uploading a photo or passport scan to the corresponding section in your personal dashboard.

The advantage of cryptobroker is the possibility for beginners to open a demo account with full functionality. Initially, the account will contain 50 thousand USDT. Demo trading is carried out in the same way as with a real account. This feature will allow the website client to work out a trading strategy and understand the nuances of the market.

Available bonuses

A loyalty program is available for registered users of the company, in which they can take part. In it you can get the following statuses to increase your comfort trading conditions:

  1. Standart. The amount of balance to get the status must not be lower than 499 USDT. Holders of such account will pay standard commissions when making trade deals.
  2. Gold. It features reduced commissions and provides users with deposit bonuses of 5% of the deposit amount.
  3. Platinum. You can get those who have more than 1499 USDT in their account. The trading volume to get the status must be at least 750 thousand USDT. Has reduced commissions and increased up to 10% deposit bonus.
  4. Diamond. The balance amount should be higher than 4999 USDT, and the total amount of trading transactions – 2250 thousand USDT. User, who earned this status, gets a discount on trading commissions.
  5. VIP. The total trading volume should exceed 7500 thousand USDT. For traders, the owners of the company offer special individual terms of cooperation.

To participate in the loyalty program it is enough to register on the site. In addition, it should be noted that the broker gives active traders various bonuses and promotional codes.


StormGain is a reliable broker that provides the necessary conditions for cryptographic trading. It is suitable both for new users and experienced Forex market participants. The company has disadvantages, but they are not significant.