Plus500 Bonus code 2021

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Three Most Important “Bonuses” from Plus500 Bonus 2020

Plus500 was founded in 2008 and has been constantly developing throughout its existence, offering new and improved conditions for customers; the impressive growth in terms of the products offered is also noticeable. Plus500 cares about its customers and tries to ensure the security of their data in all existing ways, in addition to improving the features available on online trading platforms.

Forex Broker offers many bonuses, some of the most important are:

  • 25 € free for trading commodity futures, no deposit required;
  • no commissions or monthly payments;
  • leverage effect up to 1: 30.

How To Register With Plus500 Bonus?

If you want to trade with a Plus500 broker, you must first register on the official Plus500 website. Plus500 provides two different trading account options for clients, from which you can choose the appropriate one. Two types of accounts differ in terms of the client’s trading experience: a demo account and a live account.

To register, you must click on the “Start trading now” button on the main page of the platform. Each client is given a choice of two options: either register for a live account or for a demo account according to your preferences. You will be redirected to another page where you must provide your personal information in order to register for an account. Important: all records and data are confidential and no one will see them. They are only needed for protection and verification of your legal stability. Next:

  1. Go to the site and click on the “Create account” button in the right corner.
  2. Enter your email address and create your own password. At this stage, you will be able to access the Plus500 platform, but your account will not be fully created.
  3. Click on the “Menu” button in the upper-left corner, and then on “Check my account”.
  4. Enter your first and last name and date of birth.
  5. Then choose which accounts you want to create.
  6. Write down where you live and where you pay your taxes. The information must be reliable.
  7. Enter your residential address.
  8. A window will appear, you need to agree and accept the terms and conditions.

You are almost finished, but Plus500, like most other online forex platforms, wants to check if you have enough knowledge to invest your money on the chosen platform. So you have to answer a few easy questions about online trading. This step is only for your safety, no one wants to robber their clients. We want to make sure that you are aware of your actions, so it would be stupid and too risky to just copy and paste the correct answers to access Plus500.

You also have to answer a few questions about your income and savings. If you pass this small test, your account will be fully configured.

Your last step is to deposit money on the platform and start trading.

Plus500 Bonus: Bonuses from Broker

Bonuses for a friend

The program aims to ensure that those who help friends in trading are rewarded. If the user brings a new client to the company (he or she must top up the trading account and trade 5 standard currency lots), then AUD$100 is added to his account. To participate, you need to register and make a deposit.

Bonuses for Deposit

All you need to do to get your bonus is to deposit funds to your standard account, for which a bonus of 50% is awarded.

Registration Bonus

25 € free for trading commodity futures, no deposit required. It is difficult to come up with an easier way to check the company’s performance, try yourself, and some moves.

Bonus Conditions

The main condition for receiving each bonus is that the user must be registered. Plus500 provides its traders with one of the most interesting platforms in the industry. You will enjoy many trading tools that are not available anywhere else. Thanks to its design and clarity, Plus500 meets the needs of many users, whether they are experimenting with traders or not. Also, another condition for getting a bonus is to fill out a form confirming the fulfillment of a certain condition. The form can be found on the official website.


The most popular questions are those related to trade.

Question: what is the minimum initial deposit I need to start trading? Answer: the minimum initial deposit required when registering on a live trading account is £100. This is your base capital for investment.

Question: What units of the base currency are accepted for trading at the Plus500 level?Answer: the base currency units accepted by Plus500 are the Australian dollar, Euro, and US dollar.

Platform’s Quality

The platform design and image quality remain at their best. The layout of the home page is clear and simple, which makes navigation easy, you do not need to guess where to go for a long time to get what you need.

Each product has its own page, so you can carefully track all the options. A feature that cannot be ignored is the multi-language support feature that lets you choose the language that is most suitable for you. This is due to the fact that Plus500 tries to make its services accessible and acceptable to customers from different parts of the world.

Affiliate links in social networks on the official page lead customers to the corresponding social network descriptors. Here you can find reviews from different customers about Plus500 products. You can also use social networks to communicate with Plus500 customer support staff.

Bank Options

An essential part of trading is the issue of conducting banking operations, which helps when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds from your account.


Plus500 offers three ways in which you can make a deposit. These include using debit or credit cards, where only Visa or MasterCard are accepted. In addition to bank transfer methods, Plus500 also accepts payments via e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill. There are no transaction costs in deposits, and this process takes a minimal amount of time.

Withdrawal of Funds

Withdrawing funds is easy enough: all you need to do is request a withdrawal and specify the amount to withdraw. When withdrawing funds, the withdrawal channels are the same as the deposit channels and do not have transaction costs, which is also important. However, to finally receive funds, you need to wait from 1-3 business days. This time is spent on checking the entered data and conducting monetary transactions. However, transaction costs may still be incurred if you exceed the set limits.

For Mobile Devices

The broker provides similar site features for users who have access to the mobile version.

Mobile App

The functions are not very different, and the main advantages remain the same. The app is easy to navigate, all the main parameters are visible.

This program is available on almost any device you can imagine. There are versions for Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop apps, and a web browser version.

Mobile Site

As we have mentioned, Plus500 prefers simplicity, but this is not the kind of simplicity where there is an obvious lack of features. This is a more elegant simplicity that provides traders with only the necessary information to avoid clogging the screen and make the trading process as efficient as possible. A compressed version of the site opens on your mobile device.

Our Review

Trading with Plus500 gives a lot of positive emotions, thanks to a well-designed website and a positive attitude to customers. The interface is simple, spreads are fixed, the deposit’s process is simple, the low minimum deposit is required to open a trading account, there is a large number of trading tools, this broker is licensed by the FCA.

Top 3 Plus500 Bonus Alternatives

There are some good alternative brokers that you can also pay attention to:

  1. Avatrade is an Israeli company. It has been operating since 2006, which gives it an advantage over many other brokers in terms of expertise and experience. Avatrade uses these two factors to its advantage, and it has managed to attract customers all over the world, which is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality. The main factor in Avatrade’s success is its nice welcome bonus. Avatrade has two trading accounts: a standard trading account and a demo account. Both serve different interests of clients according to their experience and interests in the field of trading.
  2. London Capital Group is another trading broker that can compete with Plus500. It has offices in London, where it was established in 1996 with headquarters in the Cayman Islands. London Capital Group also has advanced technologies for improving the quality of work with its clients. London Capital Group provides advanced trading platforms that are very versatile and equipped with features that make trading exploits worthwhile. London Capital Group is also officially regulated by law, which makes it very reliable when it comes to handling your finances entrusted to it. All this makes it one of the leaders, but it certainly has its disadvantages.
  3. Bitfinex is a British Forex broker that has been operating since 1983. It has been in business for almost 4 decades, which makes it a great alternative to other brokers. Bitfinex is notable for offering betting services that allow you to place bets on the results of selected financial trading instruments that it offers. It has advanced trading platforms that are the actual incentive for the trading strategy of clients from all over the world. Clients are provided with all the necessary assistance, communication is polite and understandable. Visual charts and live news are used. The broker provides a large number of shares for every taste. All of the above gives the right to say that the broker is one of the leaders and definitely deserves attention.